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Fallen Arc

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1 Fallen Arc on Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:31 pm


The World shakes, the clouds cry upon the
earth as the planet trembles from the new battle to arise upon the
unsuspecting race called humans. To their state of mind, there are
spiritual beings who live in the heavens, but the question rises to us
all, what would happen... if they fell? How would they adapt to the
life styles of the race? Well, this is the tale where that such thing
happened to eight Angels of the heavens who had been sent to protect
the planet from certain evil until the lords of all elements were happy
once again to the prosperity of the planet. This is...

Trei stumbled over the garbage that had been in the allyway behind a restaurant that look clean and sanitary. The
lights around him were brighter than he anticipated as he tried to find
a way to go to. He was unsure where he was going to stay and on top of
that he was still in his holy clothing. sighing, he walked back into
the allyway and sat against the brick wall of the restaurant until he
drifted asleep. Hours later, he was woken up from a bright
light flashing in his eyes as he was being picked up by rough hands of
the police of the city. Being pushed against a metal contraption he had
no clue of, he groaned as the metal tapped his knee cap heavily,
causing him to buckle on the hood of the vehicle. Trei was wondering
what was going on, only to see a man in a long black trench coat
standing off to the side, lighting up a cigarette. with all the lights
of the cars and every other light that was on around him, he was unsure
of who the man looked like, until he heard the man speak. "Well,
what do we have here?" The man said in a cold and Icy tone. Which Trei
instantly knew as the fallen angel Marc Syre. He had been banished for
trying to over throw the elemental guardians of the gods. Hearing his
vouce caused him to get agressive, and only to be cracked on the back
of the head with a flash light and knocked unconscious.

ostara was just now waking up to commotion in a
nearby allyway. she took a look so that she could asses the situation
that was going on. she realized that she was now in a strange new place
and while still in her holy garbes she knew that she wouldnt fit in. it
was not long after that she realized the fallen angel that she had
previously had a crush on, and he was doing something to her long time
friend Trei. she wasnt sure of what she should do.
Trei had been knocked unconscious as he was
lifted and thrown into the police vehicle. Being driven away, he had no
clue where he was going due to the fact of a large lump on the back of
his head.Finally, he woke up to the rough moving of his body yet
again as he was pulled out of the car by his hair, which he hated most
of all was his hair being pulled on, by men, nontheless. Remembering
some sort of martial arts, he managed to trip and knock out one of the
police officers as he jumped onto the other ones shoulders and held his
throat with his thighs. Telling the officer to walk out of the station
and to the closest place to get a change of clothing as he squeezed the
officer by the throat and made him walk to the closest store, only to
knock the officer out by the store and run off into the forest to gain
some coverage, only the forest was the national park of Yoshipesh.Hiding
in the bushes, he watched as children with their parents, couples, pet
owners, and other groups walked around smiling and having a good time
of their company. Trei panted as he found an opening to run across
quickly to the other portion where the bridge was as he sat down and
panted more. A young woman who had managed to see him do a flash step
(I know I stole it, sue me) across to the bridge that was over the
small river that led from pond to lake. The woman casually
walked up to him as she looked at him, her glasses fogging up from the
cold night air and the sight of a half nude man run across the fields
of the National Park. Trei looked up in startled alertness as he looked
at the girl, his hands flashing with black aura around the palm of his
hand, only to stop as he fell to the side into the water out of
exhaustion. The Woman screamed lightly as she dropped her bag and went
to aid Trei.
Hours Later...Trei
shifted and groaned in his sleep as he finally sat up and shot off a
shadow sphere at a vase that had been knocked back towards the wall and
shattered as it collided upon the wall. Panting and sweating, Trei
looked around the room as he held his arms up in the air from the blast
he shot off. Rubbing his eyes, he felt something weird upon his arm as
a long sleeve in a purple tone sat upon his arm. Looking down, he felt
something weird about his body as he looked at the pants and under
garments that he now wore as he was covered by a blanket that sat upon
his legs.
Hearing clanking and
clattering, he turned to see the girl with glasses walk into the room
with a tray that had a glass of water and a bowl full of steaming food
upon the tray as she walked it over to him and placed it on the coffee
table that sat in the middle of the room. Sitting on a violet arm chair
that sat idle next to the couch he laid on, she looked at him with her
white eyes that glimmered from the light from the lamp that was in the
room with them.
"Th-Thank you for helping
me..." He said as he sat up fully and placed his feet flat upon the
floor. Looking at her in the eyes, he smiled as he grabbed the glass of
water and sipped it.
"Well thats good, I
thought I was going to have to teach you how to eat and drink." The
woman said as she adjusted her skirt and sat back comfortably. "I
Maybell, And who may I ask are you, sir?" Maybell asked as she watched
him sip and eat tidbits of the steamed rice she had made for him.
Trei Kaizami." He said Nervously as he looked at her with his maroon
red eyes. The Girl had french curled pig tails that went down past her
waist, her cheeks were rosy red and she wore thin fraimed glases that
were over her white eyes. She wore a school Uniform and clips in her
hair that held her bangs from going into her eyes. She was indeed very
beautiful, but Shy to boot. She was also very well built...In some
areas more than others. Trei turned back to his food as he blushed and
ate more until he was done. Bowing to her respectfully, he laid back
down and fell back to sleep.

Ostara was now left alone in the alley where
she was hiding form the others in. she was confused as to why her
friend was getting into trouble already. for all she knew they had both
been sent at the same time. os there was no absolute way that he had
done anything to piss the humans off. but now was not the time to think
on that. she had to find a place to stay and some new clothing and
fast. for all she knew there could be more men like that and she could
be in the same predicament that Trei was in, and she didnt want that to she decided to find the human that she had taken and
interest in while looking down from the heavens before she was sent
down. the man worked at what she knew was a coffee shop near a place
that held a lot of men in uniforms. so she thought that a little
seduction would help her in her current situation. when she reached the
shop the man was about to close up. "Excuse me sir might i come in for
a minute and speak with you. it is very urgent." she told the man.the
man looked up in a bit of surprise and was astonished by her
beauty."why yes of course mam i was just about to close so we will have
a little privacy when we talk." he replied. Ostara waited till they
where both inside to start talking." well im new intown and i was
hoping to find a place to stay for a while. and i am having difficulty
finding one. so i was wondering if you would so as kind to help me
out." she explained to the man who had introduced himself as Kien. they
sat and talked about her situation for the better part of an hour. then
Kien came to the conclusion that she would stay eith him and that she
need not wory about anything. little did she understand that he was
starting to fall for her.or so he thought.she knew exactly what
he was thinking and was going along with it. afterall she needed a
place to stay and that is exactly what she got; albeit from seduction
and her beautiful figure.hours laterafter
a while longer of them coversating in the cafe par of Kiens apartment
he led her upstairs to where she would be staying. although the
upstairs apt. was a little small it would do. and she knew that it
would because it was a little more space than she actually needed. she
was sent down to do a job and she only really wanted to get it done so
that she could return to heaven.

Trei awoke from the ray of light that shone
throught the window as he groaned from the light, he sat up and rubbed
his eyes. Looking around, he saw a tray of food set out for him along
with a small note. The note Read this: "Hey, Went to School and Work
afterwards, won't be back until later tonight. I left you a little bit
of cash so you can afford new clothing for yourself, But I'll let you
have free reign over the house, there's a key for you under the turtle
by the front door, don't loose it. Love Maybell." He finished reading
as he blushed and saw that his food was still hot, surprisingly. As he
leaned forward to grab the spoon he had a sudden shock of pain through
his arm as he felt it begin to shape and change like a set of blades
and whisps of black aura form around his arm. As suddenly as it started
it abruptly stopped. Sighing from the agonizing pain, he Stood up and
grabbed a pair of boots that had been laid out for him, from what he
was told all the clothing he had been wearing was from Maybell's older
brother who had passed away from a car accident a few years ago.
grabbing a jacket that had been laid out for him, he pulled the hood up
and stepped out the front door and grabbed the key from under the
turtle sculpture and locked up the dead bolt before turning around and
walking out towards the streets. This is where he begins his adventure
of the new world of Humans as a fallen Arc.

it was later that
evening that she found herself becoming tired from what had conspired
that day. so she decided to lay and sleep for a bit.
was a few hours later that she suddenly awoke with a jolt. the jolt
felt like a sharp pain in her hip on her right side. she couldnt
understand as to why she would have any pains. she hadnt been doing
anyting as to upset her mucsles. but the pain had subsided after a few
it had fully subsided she decidedtat she would go down stairs to see if
Kien was still there. she was getting hungry and didnt know how to
cook. and she didnt want to try her hand at it for fear of burning the
cafe down. when she reached the cafe she noticed that he had fallen
asleep on one of the couches that he had.
damn he looks good when hes asleep. she thought as she stood there and staired for a few minutes before finaly going over and waking him."sorry
to wake you but i was starting to get a biot hungry and i dont exactly
know how to cook and i didnt want to take a chance of trying it."
she explained to him. "its
quite alright im actually quite hungry myself. so how about we just go
out to eat after we find you a change of cloths. you look like you want
to get out of those."
she agreed and they
went to buy her some new clothing and it didnt take long before she
found a really nice dress that fit her personallity. it was a beautiful
deep sea blue. and it was actually quite inexpensive. so she changed
and they went out. Kien took her to a fairly nice restaurant. she
couldnt remember that name but the food was fenominal.
dinner they returned to the cafe so that she could get some sleep
again. she never thought that doing so many things in one day could
tire someone out so much.
"did you enjoy your meal?""yes i did thank you, but i am pretty tired now from running around so much. im not used to it." and she left it at that and headed up stairs. Kien was about to say something but decided against it. and he then went home.
Trei rolled and tossed in his bed until he
sat up abruptly, sweat beading on his brow as he panted from a
nightmare that screamed through his head. The light in the room didn't
help either as he covered his eyes from the blinding light of the sun. "Why
was that blasted sphere of light created again?" He said to himself as
he focused on trying to kill the pain in his skull. Finally he sighed
as he stood up and covered himself with his sheet and made his way to
the restroom to shower, only to walk in on Maybell as she was
undressing. Fire burned through his cheeks now as he saw the
half-nude Maybell, who looked back in sheer embarrasement. Quickly
running out of the door and slamming it shut, Trei panted as he felt
his cheeks burn from embarrasement as well."I'm So Sorry May, I didn't know you were in there!" He shouted as he tried to explain himself, only to hear her chuckling."Its
okay Trei, I honestly don't mind, just make sure to knock next time,
okay?" She explained calmly as she came out of the bathroom in a towel
wrapped around her top and waist and scurried her skinny legs into her
room and slowly closed the door as she watched him go into the
and close the door behind him. Smiling, she bit her lip and went to go
get changed to take Trei shopping for real clothing; not her dead
brother's hand-me-downs.
Trei sighed as he closed the door and locked it, at least he was smart enough to lock it. ~She probably wanted me to walk in on her, that prude young lady...But she was-- Is-- so Hot!~ He thought to himself as he undressed himself and got into the shower. Half an hour later...Trei
was fully dressed and walked out into the living room to see Maybell
sitting on the couch in a pair of loose jeans, a upper top with a
purple rose on it as embroidery, and a brown leather jacket hung over
her shoulders as she waited for him. Tossing him a jacket, he looked at
it with intrigue as he examined the Roman Numerals for "13" on the left
chest flap of the jacket. It was Red and Black with the body of a
phoenix on the back of the jacket.
was my brother's, and I want you to have it, it does me no good with
such small shoulders, but you have broader shoulders; so I insist. keep
it." Maybell said as she stood up and grabbed his arm and led him to
the door and pushed him out playfully as she closed it and locked it.
are we going Maybell?" Trei said as he walked with her down the steps
of her apartment complex and down the street until they reached a mall
in about another thirty minutes. looking in awe, Trei thought to
himself slyly. ~And they say The Heavens are crowded; course there are
dead people there, and ones here.~ He snickered to himself,
only to get a look as he waved maybell off of what he was snickering
dragged around for three and a half hours, Trei and Maybell return back
to Maybell's apartment as he gets forced inside and sent to get dressed
into his new threads.
Wearing his New pants, his
nice shirt, awesome boots, and the rings, jacket, and gloves with the
bandages he wore on his arms made him look like a Gothic Rockstar, well
To Maybell any ways, as she blushed by the look of him. Trei smiled as
he rubbed the back of his head out of bashfulness. Grabbing her, he
pulled her out once again and locked the door with her key and led her
to a Cafe just up the Street that he remembered seeing.

Ostara awoke to the
fresh aroma off freshly made coffee and it smelt fabulous. it was like
nothing else that she had ever smelt before. so she decided to take a
quick shower and head down stairs to see if there was anything that she
could do to help ou for all of the help that she has recieved thus far
from him. when she reached downstairs she noticedthat he was actually
open for buisness.
"Hey do you need any help with antthing?""well
maybe ill teach you something a little bit later on tonight. is that
alright. after that we can see what we can do to get you in to help me,
but as for now please have a seat and dont worry about a thing."
"okay that sounds great to me." so
she then went over and sat on a close by chair so that she could be
close to where he was at just in case she needed something. right now
he was one of the only people that she trusted. but she still couldnt
let him know that she was a fallen arc. a least not yet; he wasnt ready
for it.
damn i dont know why but i feel
different about his guy. its like what i felt for Marc. i just cant
believe that it is happening all over again.
she couldnt help but as to chuckle while the thoughts raomed around in her head. a few minutes had passed by when she had just noticed that Kien was standing in front of her with a drink in his hand. " i though t that you might b thirsy so i brought a drink over for you and dont worry its on the house." and
he set the drink on the table next to her and went back to the counter
to help two new customers that had walked in. and just then she took a
reeally good look at the man in the red and black jacket. and noticed
that it was Trei.
"Trei is that you?" she asked. and she sat there and waited with a slight smirk on her face.

Trei and Maybell both walked into the Cafe,
Trei had his arm around Maybell as he tried to keep her skinny body
warm. Sitting her down, he removed his jacket and placed it on Maybell
as he sat down across from her and grabbed her hands to try and warm
them up. Looking to his right, he saw the owner walking up with a smile
as Trei heard a most familiar voice. "Trei is that you?"He heard the voice and chuckled as he looked around the owner and waved to Ostara and Becconed her to come and sit with them.

when ostara saw him
beckon her to where he sitting she got up and wen over to them. when
she sat down she beckoned to Kien to come over so that she could get
another cup of coffee.
"Kien can i get another cup of what you brought me earlier please it was really good and i loved it." well
now that she was sitting it felt different to be in Trei's presence
once again. i was a good feeling though. like they where meant to see
each other again.
"so how are things going for you?"
Trei smiled as he listened to Ostara speak, hearing his friends voice was good and seeing her was pleasant."I've
been good can't really complain. And your self Ostara?" He said as he
took a sip of his scolding hot coffee and sighed pleasantly as he
drained it down in three gulps. Maybell watched him as he guzzled the
hot beverage down like it was a smoothy, only to look down and ponder
whether or not she should try it as well, only to rethink it and blow
more onto her drink till it cooled down to her liking.
watched as people came and went while they had a continuos conversation
for hours and hours, surprisingly Maybell had joined in the
conversation as Trei had introduced her. Finally, as they were just
about finished; trei gasped from pain as it burned through his whole
chest and surged through his arms and towards his back as he was flung
to the right into the wall and embedded into it.Maybell screamed
as she saw Trei stuck to the wall, blood dribbling down his lips as a
metal beam stuck through his chest, dripping with his innereds. He was
unconscious, but not dead, even though the mortals didn't know that; so
he played oppossum until the time was right for his dramatic return.

was shocked to see that Trei was flung into the nearby wall. so she
poised herself up as if she was reaady to fight. and she would if it
had to come to it.
"what the hell is going
on here Trei? i thought that you said everything was going okay and now
i am here looking at you while your in a wall!" she
was now looking around for an explanation as to why her friend was
flung into said wall. and she wasnt sure if anyone else was going to be
attacked. and she wasnt about to let that happen. not on her watch.
who ever the hell you are you had better show yourself. this isnt right
to stay hidden. why not grow some fucking balls and fight out in the
open!!!!" she yelled out and waited for a response.

Trei groaned as he dangled while embedded
into the wall. He wasn't sure of how he was in the wall, but he heard
Ostara bitching at him like always. Sliding himself out of the wall, he
sighed as he dusted his jacket off and stood staring at the small group
who had attempted to leave the store for some time, but were
unsuccessful as they were stopped by a barrier that covered the glass
door, causing them to burn if they touched it. "What,
leaving so soon?" Trei said as he popped his neck and knuckles as a red
and black wind swarmed around his body and changing him into his
angellic form. As his clothing melted off his body, his armor and robes
appeared, piece by piece it appeared. As the wind died down, he stood
there readjusting his armor as he pulled out his sword from the ground
and spun it upon his finger by the ring that was attatched on the hilt
of the blade. Turning around, the enemies growled and glared
at him as he waited for them to approach and start the fight, only to
hear the voice of Maybell in a deeper and more controlling tone and a
more dominating tone as she stood there in a Black and gray leather
outfit that seems to skanky to describe. She stood there with her hair
short and spikey in the back and long near the front of her face. She
held a chained sickle that was connected to her waist along with four
more that were wrapped on her body. Her arms were wrapped in a white
cloth with golden crosses on the hems of the cloth and her legs and
arms and waist and cleavage were covered in hand guns. Trei stood there dumbfounded as he tried to believe that it was mayberll, the nice and quiet girl he just met. "I'm
sorry Trei, but Maybell is my shell, My name is Aunya Rose, I am a
Demon Hunter assigned by your old teacher, Draxiz." Aunya explained as
she swung the blades around and released them upon the demons and
vanquished them within seconds, only a handfull made it to the other
side of the room and began to change. In the middle of their
transformation, two of them had falled and burned away. Landing on the
otherside was Trei, who was pissed off at them, but also Maybell, or
Aunya. Who ever she is. "And why did she change to you when I
got injured and you say you two are a split personallity?" He asked as
he rolled his shoulders and began to dance while dodging the creatures
that lunged at him. Down to the last two, trei began to charge
forward to finish them off only to be lunged back onto the wall by two
sickle blades stuck in his palms and embedded him into the wall. Aunya
began to stroll over as she killed the last two and sheathed her guns
in their holsters. Walking up to Trei, she smiled as she looked up at
him. "You know, you look fucking sexy when you sleep." She
began. "And you're built like a fucking Bull, I think I'm going to
enjoy this." She said as she slid her hand up his thigh and up to his
crotch and rubbed it lightly, causing him to moan lightly, but groaned
as he jerked his hands painfully as the sickles stayed in the wall.
Finally, Trei ripped his hands down and slid the open palms up the
chains and at her waist. "Now, if you down stop," he began to
say as his wounds closed up around the chains and melt them away as he
pulled her hair, making her hiss lightly and moan loudly as she kissed
him. "But I want Maybell back now if you don't mind, infact, don't come
out unless I call you." Trei said as he traced his fingers on her
forehead into a rune, causing her to cry out in pain and wrench back in
pain, holding her forehead as she screamed and fell down as a pure
gleam of light flowed out of her and back in. Her skin sounded as
though it was smoldering, but she lightly breathed as Maybell sat on
her knees fast asleep. Trei sighed and chuckled, only to growl lightly
as his eye caught a glimpse of something, but paid no mind to it. If he
was to catch it, it would have to be another day. Walking over to
Maybell, He picked her up and held her in his arms before walking over
to Ostara and smiling. "You guys are more than welcome to come over,
follow me or I can just call later, you're in the phone book right?" He
asked the coffee shop owner, who stood there frozen from time being
stopped. "Woops, forgot to unfreeze him." He said as he mumbled
something and unfroze everything. Finally, he explained again and left,
taking maybell home, and his clothing returning to him as he walked
slowly into the sun light, almost as though they were washing over him.

--What we've come up with so far Very Happy

God Damn it JIM! I'm a Doctor not an Actor!
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2 Re: Fallen Arc on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:14 pm

(( okay im not sure if using the name in the RP is a get back or not so im gonna wait to post till i find out.))

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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3 Re: Fallen Arc on Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:50 pm


You don't think you'll be using Ostara?

God Damn it JIM! I'm a Doctor not an Actor!
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4 Re: Fallen Arc on Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:01 am

I was talking about you u using aunya rose in there.

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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5 Re: Fallen Arc on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:15 am


((No its not a get back, I put it in there before we broke up))

God Damn it JIM! I'm a Doctor not an Actor!
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6 Re: Fallen Arc on Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:28 pm

(( kay well I'm still trying to come up with a post for mine. I havve been working on another post so yea.))

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7 Re: Fallen Arc on Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:51 pm


((I understand))

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8 Re: Fallen Arc on Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:56 pm

Ostara had decided that she would follow him to wehre maybell lived so that she would know where to go if she needed trie. " Kien ill be back in a little bit okay sweety." she said as she left and followed Trei."so what are we going to do my friend?"

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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