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vampire galore

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1vampire galore Empty vampire galore on Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:36 pm

vampire galore Hoshi
name: Estonia Vyth


apperence:long length Red hair, dark blue eyes, sexy clothing.

likes: music, gaming, drawing,blades, computers, painting, creating things,and sparring.

dislikes: liers, smart asses, pests, and show offs.

weakness: chick flicks(cant stand them).

strengths: knowlege, perseption, drawing, and computers(all aspects of them).

description: Estonia is a vampire that doesn necassarily like to drink blood but she does. she is a woman that loves to be down right evil and mischievious with just about everything that she does. if she had the chance she would rule everything and not give a rats ass about what goes on. its just the way she is and shell tell anyone who doesnt agree with her to shove it just before she kills them mercillessly.

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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2vampire galore Empty Re: vampire galore on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:15 am


Name: Gaelen Authmorei

Age: 25

Likes: Computers, Gaming, Guitar playing, games, fighting

Dislikes: Idiots, show off, jack asses, and losers

Weakness: Hot Girls

Strengths: Too many...XD

(I'll continue it later)

God Damn it JIM! I'm a Doctor not an Actor!
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