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Rules For Site

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1 Rules For Site on Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:22 pm


Okay so i'm going to put up the Rules to this site if you do not follow them there will be punishment.

Main Rules
1. Be kind to other members.
2. No swearing OOC unless given permission.
3. If an Admin or Mod asks you to do something, please do it. If you don't think you can, or don't think it's right, come talk to me(or another admin), and we'll deal with it.
4. Don't fight in my boards. Do that sort of thing in PMs or on your own e-mail accounts.
5. One account per person.
6. When you create an account, you have a week and a half to post a character bio sheet and post an intro for that character. If this is a problem, PM me, after you join, and give me your reasoning for not being able to post. I promise I'm not an orge when it comes to this. I just don't want people joining, then sitting around, doing nothing on my boards. After your week and a half is up, and you still haven't posted, then you're account will be deleted. Simple as that.

IC Rules
1. Don't create Gray or Mary Sue's and flood my boards with them.
2. There are to be only eight riders allow two being high ranked, there will be only six hold characters to begin with. You will also be only able to play around two to three candidates.
3. Keep to your character's bio. I really shouldn't have to mention this, but I am, cause I've seen it done before.
4. Don't steal other characters and don't steal from other sites. I will check those who say they have permission from the creator to use their work.
5. I hate to do this, but there will be a minimum word count on IC posts. At least 200, but more is welcomed with open arms. This shouldn't be hard people!!
6. On the issue of going into the private section ask the admin's for the password.

- If you mess up and do something the break the rules once, that's fine. You will simply receive a stern warning, a slap on your dragon's claw, and be watched VERY freakin closely for two days.
- If you make the mistake and mess up twice, breaking more rules, then things get a bit harder. Your slap on the dragon's claw just turned into your account being suspended for two days, but you just one more stern warning.
- If you still feel like being trouble maker . . . Well, third times a charm. There is no more warning, and your account will be suspended for four days now. Only this time, when you get your account back, you won't have any high ranks. Meaning, if you had a high ranking character, well not any more. Thier up for adoption, but you can't adopt them back.

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2 Re: Rules For Site on Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:32 pm


I'm in this mix as well. XD She typed it all up lol

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