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Following The Night

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1Following The Night Empty Following The Night on Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:25 am


This is now going to be the forum that we use to actually rp since yahoo groups is being rediculous. Old posts can be found at the yahoo group page of This rp contains yaoi galore as well as even regular hentai! Yay XD

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2Following The Night Empty Re: Following The Night on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:01 pm

Grim sat for a while just looking at Tetsu. "You deserve the truth..." Grim felt his insides tremble but gulped down the bile. "I was a test subject for Kaftka. He forced me to do some really horrible things. I thought that part of life was over for me when I met you. He had just released me from service." Grim let out a forced laugh. "He said I was defective. But after that I met you and turned my life around." Grim's face went deathly pale and he hugged his knees to his chest. "But when I say him I... I couldn't let him hurt you. He said you would go to the pens if I didn't behave like a good dog." Tears started running down Grim's face. He tried to hide it behind a hand. "I couldn't sav everyone, only you. I had to save you! I hated making the choice! But I couldn't fight him, then he made me do that to Shero... Please Tetsu, I tryed so hard not to!" Grim began to shake and his tears were no longer restrained. "Then when I got you to the room and you yelled I... I just wanted you to understand! I wanted you to feel safe and be happy!" Grim was sobbing and rocking as the sweat rolled down his brow. "I tryed to stop when you told me to but... I couldn't! He laughed and made me watch as he forced me into you! He even sent me you memories of Rafael!" Tetsu shook his head to try to clear away his thoughts. But Grim didn't give him any time to recover as he pushed himself to Tetsu and grasped the mans hands to his cheek. "I see it every time I close my eyes! I couldn't stay near you knowing I had become a monster. I ran and hoped to die out in the wilds so you could have the peace you deserved." Tetsu gasped not at Grim's words but at the heat form the man. Tetsu pushed
Grim back down and felt his forehead. "Oh my God!" Grim was delirious with fever but meant every word he said. The fever actually helped him clear his thoughts. "I live threw that day every night! I scream and try to pull away but never can... I'm so sorry Tetsu!" Grim's eyesight was becomeing blurry but he saw Tetsu run for the bathroom. Grim felt betrayed and with his last bit of strenghth threw himself off the bed and crawled towards his one true love. Tetsu had started a cold bath and struggled to pull Grim to it but the man was just dead weight now and the sweat on his body didn't help much either.

Ari knew he'd never be able to catch up with the fowl but dashed after it anyways. The beast whinnied and put on more speed. A griffon dove and scooped up Ari and darted after the speeding steed. After some fancy flying Ari tapped it on the rump with his foot. "Your it! No tag backs!" He landed at a run and soon more nightmares joined him. Soon everyone was running with no idea who was it and not careing a bit about it. Ari was so tired he flopped on the ground and watched the sky. Thane and another griffon were danceing amongst the clouds. The display of power, grace and agility was breath taking. Ari watched them in a daze, his true sight making them leave trails as they dashed about. "My angel..." He whispered to himself. A little fairy smashed into his face and ppinched his nose. "Hey!... Why'd you do that?" The thing was obviously upset but didn't hold still for Ari to read it's mind. "I don't get it just stop for a..." The image of Grim on the floor with Ari trying to pull him flashed threw his mind. "Thane!" She scooped him up and they jetted quickly to the house. Ari was crying as he tugged at Grim's arm. "He's got a fever! I don't know why but I..." Ari and Thane wasted no time getting the pale man into the bathroom. As tthey undressed him the cause was revealed. The smaller cuts looked red and angry but it was the large puncture wound in his stomach that looked the wors. It was swollen and the edges had a slight greenish tint to them. "Tetsu, call for someone!" But Tetsu struggled from a coughing fit just a few feet from the phone. Ari and Thane dropped Grim into the water and Ari quickly ran to Tetsu's side. "Hang in there buddy." Ari got on the phone and got the doctors on their way. Thankfully Grim always had them on hand. In a few minutes the room was full of men in white coats. Grim was wheeled out but before anyone could follow one of the doctors held up a hand. "I need you to answer a few questions so we can better handle whatever is wrong with Mr. Barzod." He motioned them to the bed and waited till the three were seated before begining. "I'll keep it short as best I can. Did he get those wounds from the plane crash." Everyone nodded. "Did he get proper nutrition prior to the injury." A bunch of I don't knows. The doctor shook his head slightly. Ari put an arm around Tetsu and pulled the youth closer. "And did he shift to wolf after he got hurt?" Tetsu nodded, "But I dressed the wounds myself and they were fine! He shouldn't be like this!" The doctor put on a reassureing fake ass smile. "It's ok. It happens every now and then when he suffers a wound that could kill a human. He can usually heal with no problem. He just happened to be unlucky enough to attept to heal an infected wound. When he shifts the infection multiplies at four times it's normal rate. But he'll be fine in a few days so don't worry about it."

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