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Charater Sheet for Gaia Highschool

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1Charater Sheet for Gaia Highschool Empty Charater Sheet for Gaia Highschool on Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:28 am


Anime Socialist
Anime Socialist
Name: Arthur "Art" Taivas
Age: 22
Gender : Male
Ht: 6' 4"
Wt:195 Lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Common Attire: Layered T-shirt under a long sleeved shirt, silver chain with moon pendant and gold chain with sun pendant, baggy cargo pants, wallet w/ chain, black skate shoes, commonly wears a long brown coat and carries an umbrella

Special Attributes: Draws powers from the sun and moon, ranging from superior physical abilities to full blown magical powers in really bad situations, his powers are more offensive when the sun is out and defensive when the moon is out.
Weapon(s): Sword umbrella, fists

Likes: Computers, talking walks, trees, relaxing, rain
Dislikes: People who cause trouble, noisy people, surprises

Personality: Calm, somewhat aloof, sense of humor no one else seems to understand, confident

Loves: (secretly loves cute things)

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