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role play bio

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1role play bio Empty role play bio on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:54 pm

this is where you can put your RP BIO. have fun everyone. we hope you enjoy the site.

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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2role play bio Empty Re: role play bio on Sun Oct 07, 2012 1:56 pm


Kidnappable?: (State if you would like people to or don't mind people contacting you directly with invitations to Roleplays!)

Playing Habits: (How often are you available, or how often can you post in a roleplay?)

Gender You Prefer Playing: (Male, Female, or Both.)

Favorite Genres: (Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, Furry, Etc, Etc.)

Genre You DON'T Like: (Same as above, just things you DON'T like to play!)

Playing Style: (Passive or Aggressive. A passive player is someone who needs direction and likes their partner to lead the story. An aggressive players likes directing action and controlling the game. Or if you're fine doing both!)

Plot Candies: (Things you REALLY love having in your roleplay plots. Romance, A specific kind of bad guy, Guns, pets, hot yaoi action, kidnapping, schoolwork. The stuff that makes it most awesome for you!)

Character Stereotypes: (The kind of characters you like to play most often. Ex: Super Sweet Girl, Man With Tragic Past, Gunslinging Badass. Stuff like that!)

Character No-Gos: (Character types you DON'T like playing. Same as above, only stuff you don't like playing.)

Random Notes: (Anything you think you should add or that Game Masters or other players should know!)

Scene Sample: OPTIONAL. (An example of how you would typically post in a roleplay. Just a way to show your playing style.)

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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3role play bio Empty Re: role play bio on Sun Oct 07, 2012 2:06 pm


Kidnappable?: yes

Playing Habits: may take me a bit sometimes due to work

Gender You Prefer Playing: both

Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, Romance, yurry

Genre You DON'T Like: yaaoi

Playing Style:both passive and aggressive

Plot Candies: N/A always better to see in posts

Character Stereotypes: bad ass guys/girls, easy going guys/girls

Character No-Gos: n/a

Random Notes: n/a

Scene Sample: Estonia was walking down one of the dar alleyways
near her apartment. ever since she was bitten on the neck by that man so
may years ago she had changed so much. and yet she still wasnt used to
it. from what she knew was that the man that had bit her was a vampire
and now she was as well.
it was different now. when she had first
changed she had the relentless need for blood. and now she only goes
hunting for it when she absolutely needs it. she was proud of herself
for being able to exhert this much self control. just then she heard a
loud crash. so she hid right behind one of the large trash cans in the
alley way. when she peaked around the corner she saw three men beating
another smaller man. the where saying something about money and how thae
guy was in trouble for not paying them on time.
Estonia decided
that she would just leave the situation alone. she wasnt in the mood for
a fight. and she was in fact avaoiding people at all costs. the last
time she interferied she lost control and killed fifteen people in cold
blood. and she didnt want another situation like that on her hands. at
least not right now. so she just went home for the night.

kill all who disobey my laws..........JK
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